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Taisen, playing between classical and electronic music

Music is for me an emotion and a movement. An emotion calling to dance, a movement calling to life, to my life, and perhaps, I hope, to those of others. Music allows this, to make our bits of humanity touch each other.

From electro to classical music via jazz, this solo develops an open, minimal space, where everyone can project the colors of their imagination and the contours of their own history. Dear music lover, welcome into my world. 


Last year was a "bubble" year for me, where I fully invested myself in the creation of this new album. I mainly worked at home. But following an incident in my building, the ceiling above my head was seriously weakened. "Almost Peace" tells this story, that my bubble cannot be completely sealed off from the unforeseen events of life, that this peace that I seek is constantly put to the test, and probably always will be. And maybe it's better that way. "Almost Peace", when cracks in a wall can lead to music.

Taisen - The Clock (Acoustic Version)

Taisen - The Clock (Acoustic Version)

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